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  1. Gremlins - Mogwai ... My replica. Is it ok to show this here ?


    This is just prototype stage. I'm aiming to get him as close to the original as I can. Lots to be changed before I make the final one.

    Eyes are just temp doll eyes, I'm planning making my own, larger and better design.
    They will also sit higher in the head.
    Bigger brow.
    Thinner body and arms.

    He will also be completely poseable form ears to fingers

  2. Some of my toys

    Here are a few of the toys I've collected or had a hand in making over the years. Cudos to my friends Dan and Larry at D&L Fantasy arms in Abilene Texas.Conan Sword no flash.jpg Conan The Barbarian Atlantean Sword. My original Type II Phaser from Star Trek TOS.jpg My original Type II Phaser from Star Trek TOSD&L Fantasy Arms copy of my Type II Phaser.jpg D&L Fantasy Arms Type II Phaser, copied from my original.Star Trek TOS Type II Phaser case.jpg Case for Phaser II Deckard's Replicant killer.jpg Deckard's Replicant killer, D&L ...
  3. How to choose an industrial warehouse equipment installation service?

    If you are small company who trying to build warehouse business, you should try to find a best equipment installation provider. Why? Because warehouse equipment is most important part of your investments in inventory.

    If your business located in Wisconsin or Illinois I can say couple good words about Arker Configuration LLC. This Milwaukee based industrial warehouse equipment installation service company (URL: http://www.arkerconfig.com/about-us/) offers a full range of services for ...
  4. A Sale is Coming.....


    The Golden Closet is excited to announce that for the first time ever we will be adding a sale section to our website! Select items from our collection of entertainment memorabilia will be marked down to allow collectors and fans the chance to add new iconic pieces to their collections at a lower cost.

    Just in time for the holidays, the items chosen to be marked down are sure to go quickly. So, the best place for everyone to stay up-to-date ...
  5. The Golden Closet’s “Featured Actor of the Month” Denzel Washington

    Not only one of The Golden Closet’s favorite actors, but one of the most celebrated actors in American film history. Denzel Washington is known among fans and his peers for his engaging and powerful performances. Throughout his career he has been regularly praised by critics, and his consistent success at the box office helped to dispel the perception that African American actors could not draw mainstream white audiences.

    After graduating from high school, Denzel enrolled at Fordham ...
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