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  • DIVERGENT - Official First Look Trailer

    Release date: March 2014

    A first teaser trailer for post-apocalyptic young adult adap Divergent has been unveiled, and it's short but punchy.

    "You're different, they can't control you," whispers Maggie Q to Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley), informing her that she's Divergent. According to this future world, a Divergent is somebody who doesn't fit into society's different factions, all of which are based on certain personality traits.
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    1. 27Heaven's Avatar
      27Heaven -
      Now this is one film I am truly looking forward to seeing. I've been waiting for a trailer since Comic Con. I'm reading the book now - it's another trilogy that I am enjoying immensely. It may be criticized as being too similar to The Hunger Games - in my opinion there is room for both stories.

      I only wish they released a trailer that was more then 13 seconds...
    1. Jango's Avatar
      Jango -
      My wife has read the trilogy and really like it. She has told me I need to read it before the movies come out.

      I think I probably will.
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