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  • What can we expect on the Robocop Remake Suit?

    It seems that there is great concern about the Robocop remake suit. In searching the web and speaking to insiders, we received pretty good feedback that you can count on seeing the following suit. Apparently there are 3 different suits. It's interesting that there is so little available online about this film..no trailer and the release is about 5 months away. All imagery is being guarded closely. It's probably a good thing since films are showing too much in the trailer. We are staying positive on this one and definitely willing to give it a shot at this point. Here's a sampling of what we have located out on the internet....

    Here's another interesting concept piece. He's getting blasted and duel wielding some sort of firearms.

    Fans - put your B.S meters to full, but this is another piece of concept art yanked early on..we see ED 209's and the Human drones.

    And yet another..look closely in the middle of this concept art..you see a robo type figure. With a smoking 209

    Robo is paying a visit to someone. Note suit.

    Ok last one. Reverse view of same concept below seems it's an Omnicorp lab.

    So what are your thoughts on this upcoming Robocop remake??
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    1. ONEYE's Avatar
      ONEYE -
      A little Iron Man, slight Terminator, motorcycle helmet, and nothing really unique.
    1. Turrican's Avatar
      Turrican -
      And a little bit of Batman...
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