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  • Chronicle Collectibles - Robocop 2 "Cain"

    Last month at Wonderfest, Chronicle Collectibles brought Phil Tippet and their RoboCop 2 "Cain" collectible model. This stunning replica was reproduced from the screen used stop motion puppet. The intricate detail of the 275 individual pieces is top shelf. The model is simply incredible and well worth the $ 1300 price ($1200 Pre-purchase full pay & free shipping best deal) !

    From the Chronicle Website:
    "Chronicle brings you the next metallic Grail, our licensed RoboCop 2 “Cain” collectible model. This is no ordinary figure. It is a perfect replica, directly reproduced from the screen-used stop-motion puppet. Here is a sneak preview of our product, before the display base is complete.

    ”Going into the project I really underestimated his complexity. It was a bit like working on a Russian nesting doll. The moment you started taking him apart, you’d find engineering hidden beneath for some structural purpose or another. I still can’t believe the thought put into Cain’s seemingly ornamental detail. What initially seemed like some random ‘cool-looking’ details glued on ACTUALLY WORKED the way you would expect it. The pistons all worked, the shocks compress, the shoulder pivots have gimbals and hinges at intervals… it was stunning and awe-inspiring. Hundreds of parts. Madness.”- Project Lead Mark Dubeau

    Cain was molded from original masters and one of the original filming puppets. Assembled with a whopping 275 individual parts, this may be one of the most complex figures ever reproduced for private collectors. Each part was individually cast and cleaned for new masters by Tippett Studio.

    Cain comes on a detailed OCP logo base with display plaque signed by Phil Tippett. Cain Replica is 16” tall, 10.5” wide and 6” deep.

    Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide."

    Pre-orders are available now (delivery estimated 4th quarter 2014) - click here to check it out.
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