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Some of my toys

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Here are a few of the toys I've collected or had a hand in making over the years. Cudos to my friends Dan and Larry at D&L Fantasy arms in Abilene Texas.Conan Sword no flash.jpg Conan The Barbarian Atlantean Sword. My original Type II Phaser from Star Trek TOS.jpg My original Type II Phaser from Star Trek TOSD&L Fantasy Arms copy of my Type II Phaser.jpg D&L Fantasy Arms Type II Phaser, copied from my original.Star Trek TOS Type II Phaser case.jpg Case for Phaser II Deckard's Replicant killer.jpg Deckard's Replicant killer, D&L fantasy arms.Resin Sandman guns.jpgLogan's Run Sandman Guns.jpg Logan's Run Sandman gun, resin with LED lights in the barrel, D&L Fantasy Arms. 20131018_152219.jpg Finally, my working Sandman flamegun and follower from Palmetto EFX Group, Thanks Rylo...
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  1. D.Woelfel's Avatar
    I have wanted one of those conan swords ever since I heard they were available. Nice collection!!!
  2. Klwl's Avatar
    Nice collection! Just a note but if you click on forum you can also post in the collectibles forum and view others collections.

  3. 27Heaven's Avatar
    very nice...
  4. Scifitodd's Avatar
    Ok by working Sandman blaster you mean what? Flames shoot out? I'm very curious! Very nice collection
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