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    San Diego Comic Con.....July 8!

    I will do my best to get as many photos of cool stuff for the site!
    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.

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    If you could score my a black series first order 6 inch figure I will pay you double what they are going for at the con. I really want one but I don't want to pay the $200 eBay price for a $25 figure.

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    JC27, If I can I will pick one up for you. I can't promise anything. Sometimes lines are hours long, and they do not let exhibitors in some lines. Its kind of crazy. If I can grab one, I will grab it for you.

    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.

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    While you're at it grab me some pics of everything!!

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    Thanks. I really appreciate it.

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    I hope everyone that is going has a good time and stays safe.

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    Any photos of the ANOVOS Boba Fett helmet? I haven't seen any from a good angle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepalot View Post
    Any photos of the ANOVOS Boba Fett helmet? I haven't seen any from a good angle.

    I kid, but only a little.
    I'm not much of an ESB guy, but there are some obvious issues for me.
    The RF is way off and the paintjob is super stripped down and simplistic.

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    Ponte mentioned over on TDH that he did the paint job on it. It looks ok, but once they start mass producing it, the thing will look even worse.

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    Ponte does very nice work.
    as lee can no doubt attest, what you turn in isn't always what ultimately gets produced.

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    Hahah, didn't mean to open any cans of worms. I'm just curious how the helmet turned out and haven't found a good photo from the front at a decent distance. Thank you though for pointing out the rangefinder issue. I'm looking for other issues but afraid it'll end up turning into a list. Oh well. I'm just hoping the helmet will survive China and hoping the rest of the armor comes out fine. Also very curious on how the jet pack will turn out if they're keep the imperfections like with the ESB helmet.
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    Commission services available @ https://www.facebook.com/theworkshopmike

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    I've seen some other photos.......

    Nate is correct, there's a lot of fine detail missing. Question is, was that Anovos direction or not providing enough time to finish it. Ponte does great work.....

    And yeah, I shudder at what the production pieces will look like. A good base if nothing else to redo it.

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    from what I've heard, Ponte was directed to make it look "like it did during filming"

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    Interesting, as there are some things we've seen during the filming that are missing on it......

    Nothing that can't be added later......

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    Didn't know such a thing existed, haven't followed it...anyone have any pics?

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    I will post some soon.....but I am toast right now.
    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.



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