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    SS 1:24 Darth Vaders Tie Fighter " Tie Turbo"

    My next project on my workbench.

    Build out of a kit from imperial replicas.
    Just can recommend there work. Super clean casting quality and fast shipping after i placed my order.

    Some pic's from the kit:

    They really did cast a lot of the kit parts as single pieces.
    Pain in the ass to cut these all out and clean them up:

    For the lasers i bought some accurate LED holders and some pins from a vintage 70's kids game called "Lite Brite"
    The shape and colour of the material fits perfect:

    So far for now, stay tuned for updates.

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    Wow! That hurts my brain. This should be good!

    "The Pyramids were built by Sears!"

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    I used to have a lite brite when I was a kid!! Wow...that looks like a super detailed, but difficult kit!! I'm glad you are building it and not me!!! Ha ha. Should be super cool though!! Look forward to seeing progress!!!
    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    Hey yeah thanks guys.

    It's realy a very detailed kit in a realy good quality.
    So as all the tiny parts are debured, i now set my focus on some bigger parts:

    Ok...seems the resin is quite cheap in USA

    After this 3 houre grinding session my Dremel 3000 gave up and is not running anymore.
    Disassembled the whole thing, but couldn't find any defects so i ordered a new one.

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    This looks awesome.
    Looking forward to the build.
    Does it have the efx sized ball or the monsiour tox sized ball ?

    Also I like your post of your Rs scout lid from rebel scum. Where did you find the sa liner?

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    Thanks Mike,

    the ball is bigger as on the efx one. Also the window is bigger so it should be close the right size.
    I not know how big Juliens balls are. LOL

    The liner i found, i got on ebay from a privat seller. I think it was a vintage M3 shield.
    Not the original one which ILM used, but very close to that.

    Here a spoiler what's comming next:


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    YES! Cannot wait to see this one built.

    Makes me want to buy one......but projects must get done first!
    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.

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    Some more pregress.

    First work on the cockpit, and first test fit.
    But there's a lot more work on the details to do.

    My armature arrived today, so next is to fit cockpit and armatur in, that everything will fit.
    Means grinding , grinding and a lot more grinding.

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    Wow that is cool!!!
    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    Who made the armature?
    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.

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    Sorry for the late reply, but for the moment i have no time to make some progress on that model.
    For the armature, it's made by a guy in austria.
    His name is written on the card on the pic upon.

    Ok had some time at sunday so made some progress...jippy

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    Some big update.

    Cockpit got primed and painted by tamiya AS28 mixed with some satian black.
    Nice how the tamiya colour is change from more light to darker with changing light.

    As everthing got grinded near perfection, lol, the two halfes now fit perfect together.
    As next the engine holes got drilled, for later instalation of the diodes.
    Therfore the parts were glude from the middle to the outside to get all distance right.
    There's enought place inside the model that the electronics can be add later also if the model is glued together.

    The armature got glued in, for this i made me a little improved assembly block. :-)
    I just let run the superglue between the armature and after filled the gap with UHU Power Plasticine.

    Than i had put the cockpit in position, therfore it needs finished in painting before it get glued in place.

    "Wedding" both halfs are now glued togehter. For good sake it had worked at the first attemped.
    Otherwise i think i had a big mess to get them appard as the superglue glues really fast as it should.

    That's how it looks for now.
    Last edited by Turrican; 07-24-2016 at 03:52 AM.

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    Great work. Thanks for the updates

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    If you would like to see some update progess here some pic's:

    If anybody should have some good reference shots of this area, you are very wellcome.


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    Missed to post here my updates, so now we do a big step forward showing some progress.

    If you want to have a closer look to the build , go here:

    Beside the wing covers and some acrylic parts for the base, it's close to finish now.
    I have to mend a few areas here and there, but overall i'm happy with the result.

    Finaly took some pic's with the SLR instead of the crappy handycam.

    Last edited by Turrican; 12-30-2016 at 09:36 AM.

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    WOAH!!!!!!!! that is sharp!!!!! Well done!!
    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"



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