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Thread: Alcad paint????

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    Alcad paint????

    So.....I cut apart my mq1 for my Fett build. as I commented in my other thread, there really is no comparison between the finish on a real mq1 vs a painted copy. However....if I'm going to take this suit trooping, I'm really worried about damaging or losing my real one!! Ryan suggested I could maybe try alcad paint on my resin copy to make it look more like the real mq1....but neither one of us has ever used the stuff!!! Looks like you have to prime, than gloss black, then alcad for best results?? I did order some to try.....

    Just wondering if anyone else has ever used the stuff, and if you have any pointers....
    Thanx guys,
    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    I've got some myself on hand but haven't tried it yet. There are some videos on YouTube that cover it to a degree. Think your formula is spot on though. The base layer needs to be gloss black to have the chrome or bright aluminum "pop". I've heard the stuff is a fairly delicate finish but it's typically used in modeling, which would get stuck on a shelf anyhoo.

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    Use the real thing. If you lose it I'll find you another.


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    Ha ha....of that, I have no doubt!!! OK Andy.. you convinced me!!
    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"



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