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    Just finishing your RF for you, can't wait to see it sat on top of that fine helmet!

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    Alright, alright, alright!!! Thanks buddy!!! Really appreciate it!!!!
    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    Ear modified for micro switch...one step closer!!
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    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    If you need a light kit for the TR topper let me know, I am making a few kits as we speak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC27 View Post
    If you need a light kit for the TR topper let me know, I am making a few kits as we speak.
    Yes, yes, yes!!! I desperately need a light kit to finish this sucker, and was hoping I could get one from you. My TF RF arrived today, and I'm super happy with it!!! Thanks Garrett!!
    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    Well guys....I think I'm gonna call her done!!! I have a few very minor things to clean up, and hopefully put a light kit in, but that's it. Oh...and I have to put on the dental files that Andy sent me too...but I think I'm going to wait with those until I get a better Mq 1 cast. I debated using my real Mq1, but decided to save that for my ESB.

    This is a project 10+ years in the making!! I'll post a longer write up and many, many thank-yous later on. For now here's the pics. Never ceases to amaze me how different you can make these things look depending on lighting, distance, etc, so I took a few different pics in diff conditions. There's a lot of things about it that I wish I would have done a little differently, and I had plenty of things that didn't turn out to my liking. It's far from perfect, and if a person wanted to, you could pick it apart to no end. That being said, I do think it is a very good representation of the real helmet.

    I got to the point with it, where if I tried to tweak or alter something, sometimes I was actually going backwards. I'd fix this or that, but then I would mess something else up in the process etc. Time to stop!!!!! Anywho, here is a bunch of pics I took today. Will probably do a few more different sets of pics yet and try some different lighting.

    Thanks everyone for following along and for all the support!!!
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    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    A few details for those of you that feel like reading:

    With the exception of a few minor colors, (which I had to use pollyscales for, ) it's almost entirely vintage floquil enamel. Most of these colors were recommended (and many supplied by also) Ryan. Some are well known, and frequently used by others, while many are (to my knowledge) being tried for the first time on a helmet.

    I absolutely hate working with these things!! They spray like shit, (most of them anyway,) and they are super finicky, requiring multiple attempts!! It was pretty nerve wracking working with these!!! Some are extremely rare, and Everytime I screwed something up, I was worried that I would run out, and would not be able to replace them!! As I've commented before, these paints also react really strangely once sprayed!!! The way it looks right after you spray is more often than not, not the color you will end up with. Some take a few days cure, while others take a few weeks!!!! Lots of waiting involved!!! think I could have finished in 1/2 the time using modern paints, but....they do have the right look!!!

    It's 99% layered. Only a few minor black and white smudges are topical. There is layer, upon layer, upon layer of different mists and oversprays on this sucker!!! Much of my silver was masked, remasked, and masked again!! It was an extremely tedious job, and as I said in earlier posts, it's hands down the most difficult project I've ever attempted!!!! In my opinion, ESB is a "piece of cake" compared to this.

    I have so many people to thank!!!
    Special Thanx to Lee for helping us make the MDF a reality!!!!
    Special Thanx to SS! although I've not talked to him in a long time, much of my inspiration came from his work on the MF ROTJ he did years ago. I'm very happy with mine, but I still feel his work is the best I've ever seen.
    Thanks to Andy for the continued support and encouragement, (and also for the files)
    Thanks to TF for the awesome RF topper!! I love it!!
    Thanks to RAF for the awesome templates!! No way, no how could I have done this without those!!!
    Thanks to everyone for following along and offering comments and positive remarks!! Means more than you know!!!

    Lastly, very special Thanx to Ryan!!! He's been involved with just about every aspect of this thing going back many years!! I checked and ran pretty much everything through him, from polishing the ears, to fitting the visor, to misting, to masking.....you name it!!!! He put up with phone call after phone call, and texts and emails at 3am frequently!!! This is just as much his helmet as it is mine!!! Thanks buddy!
    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    Here's another set of pics n full on sunlight... don't really care for these a whole lot, but they're ok I guess... Wish I had a decent camera....
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    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    You guys will probably get sick of me posting pics!!! Lol

    Here's a set in indirect sunlight. This set is my fav so far. Crazy how different it can look!!
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    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    That. Fett. Is. Delicious.
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    D, you knocked this out of the park! I can't say enough good things about how this turned out. When I would've said "good enough", you stripped off the paint and started over. I've done some color correction on your pics that show the colors off in a truer sense. Here are the full sun pics:


    "The Pyramids were built by Sears!"

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    There's you and Singleseat, then there's everybody else.

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    Seriously - this helmet just blows my mind. I never really had an inkling for a ROTJ helmet, but now?!? Dammit! I want one. HAHAHA

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    I'm seriously feeling some ROTJ envy myself.

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    nice work man

    Commission services available @ https://www.facebook.com/theworkshopmike



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