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Thread: 2017 Comic Con

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    2017 Comic Con

    Hey, folks if anyone will be at Comic Con this year. Please stop by our table and say hello!


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    One of these years I am going to SDCC. Lee, are you taking the Falcon or some other project? If you end up stopping by the Hasbro booth and you see one of the Grand Admiral Thrawn figure sets, I would be eternally grateful if you picked one up for me. Obviously I will pay more than retail for it (I think they are going for $50, I will pay $80 for it).

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    I'll surely see what it takes. Usually I wait at the end of the line and buy them as the walk out. It takes hours to get through the lines and as an Exhibitor I'm not allowed to participate.

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    Awesome. What are you taking to the show?



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