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    KITT- Part 1. Dash

    I have all the parts needed.

    i'm scared to death to get started. I don't want to screw up the electronics trying to mount them.

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    A daunting task for sure! Take your time. Good luck!
    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.

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    lets see some pics of the parts ...

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    Jupiter Electronics
    Rob Louisel Dash. still needs to be properly painted.

    I'm still waiting on year 3.5 for brennon electronics. that might have been a mistake.

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    3.5 years? Ouch. Sorry
    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JP05 View Post
    3.5 years? Ouch. Sorry
    yep. tell me about it.

    but when he's supposedly the b est in the biz, and in a hobby with a limited amount of options....and I payed up front too.
    might be one of the few rare decisions i'd regret doing in the prop hobby.

    i should have just stuck with jupiter. but at least I'll have a backup IF it ever arrives.

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