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    VillainWorks RKD MS1 Helmet for RKD

    So this is a hard one to post in ways.....

    I've known Will since I joined the Legion, over 9 years now. I collaborated with him on much of the ESB Armor/Gauntlets that he produced.... meaning I nagged him when it didn't look right....

    One of his goals was to have a complete ESB suit on a mannequin. When I saw the helmet, it was pretty rough, and didn't have the proper ESB damage. He asked me to repaint it for him. The helmet is an MS1 sculpt, the first one I've worked on.

    I had a number of things to correct:

    - Fill the ROTJ damage around the dent
    - Add the ESB brow wave (3 attempts before I was satisifed with it)
    - Add the ESB physical damage
    - Capture the killstripe overspray (that's due to JbDubz and I discussing). I did not add the grease stains, as we couldn't see evidence of those during production
    - Will didn't give me the RF Stalk and Topper, as I was due to deliver this to him this weekend. I gutted my helmet and gave him mine.
    - Do the misting around the dent, it doesn't strictly follow the scratch
    - Recreated the cheek bulge on the helmet. Something I wouldn't do except for his helmet and my own.....
    - Add the crack present on the right cheek....
    - Add a smoke visor

    My big regret is that Will didn't make it to see this completed, he saw pictures of it the week he passed.....

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    This is tough to read...sad story. It looks like one of the best paint ups I've ever seen. He would have been very proud of it!
    The artist formerly known as "Jango's kid"

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    Thanks for posting this. That's a great paint up, and a heartbreaking addition to an already sad story.

    What a punch in the gut.

    "The Pyramids were built by Sears!"

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    Yeah, I went back and forth about posting anything. It's been a hard one to process.

    I know he would want to show off the helmet.....

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    I think it looks great and it's plain to see a lot of work, and thought, has gone into it. You know I rate your painting anyway and this is no different; your mate would have loved it.

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    A beautiful helmet and a true work of love. I am sorry your friend never got to wear it, so very sorry.
    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.

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    I think Will would have been really excited to troop in that helmet. You did a great job fixing it up. I hope it stays in the hands of someone who really will appreciate it and troop in it in his honor.
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