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    Upgrading an AT-AT made by DeAgostini ... finished!

    So this is how this AT-AT really looks like right after purchase :

    And this after adding some scratch made gun parts and a new weathered paintjob :

    And here's how big this AT-AT really is :

    And here's the movie shot :

    Chaim Murzan Photography 2013

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    Hey guys ... I know this was merely a sloppy paintjob to create that weathered look ... but no replies whatsoever ... come on ... I actually custom remodeled those side guns on his head ... it's the only one of it's kind ...
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    Sorry SC I must have seen this while on the road and wasnt able to reply. You people just blow me away at your talent and steady hands on these small models.

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    I think this is fairly cool. And the movie shot is great.

    Scale is everything.

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    [ Insert Darth Vader's voice here ] 'Apology accepted ... fellas'

    Thanks Klwl ... steady hands ... you must be kidding ... that's not how to make it loook weathered ... at all! Shake it baby ... shake it, does the trick!

    Thanks Jango ... indeed ... I just love recreating movie shots with all that's available to me ... such as a dirty yet freshly washed kitchen cloth for snow ...

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    Administrator 27Heaven's Avatar
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    Central Florida
    I am so far from artistic... Lee had me mold and cast something for his Eagle and sand a few other non essential pieces (could he have been humoring me so I would hang out in his shop??!) ... beyond that don't ask to see my latest creation from the pottery shop - I drank from that coffee cup this morning and thought a 5 year old wouldn't claim it! - lol ...

    All that being said - I am a complete fan of all of you who can paint / cast / mold and create these treasured iconic movie figures. Sym-Cha - yours is no exception. How do you all do such small work?? JP05 too has these amazingly small miniatures that I am equally enthralled with. You guys amaze me!

    Fine job Sym-Cha! I was deceived by the size until the soda pop can - wow.. very cool!!

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    Great job on this, Sym-Cha. It always amazes me what even a little bit of weathering can do to make a common plastic toy look extraordinary. Why don't manufactures try harder.

    With the weathering and details you added to this and considering how well that "dirty yet freshly washed kitchen cloth for snow" evokes visions of Hoth, you can just hear: "Lookit 'em, boss! Great, big, fat gray targets!"


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    The reason they dont is because of a little thing called mass production. I know its not the case but I wouls like to believe by doing so they envoke a sense of creativity in the average person (or by seeing all the work done here not so average) and let them complete the piece to their own sense of imagination.

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    @27Heaven ... thank you for your kind words ... I always tell people that they can draw, even if they proclaim the opposite ... perhaps they don't draw nearly as good as I can after lots and lots of hours spending in my room by myself practising to create the perfect tree with leaves and all on paper, but hey ... everybody can draw in their own way. Even writing with a fountain pen is considered a form of drawing ... and it does convey the message to be told as well, although a drawing is obviously worth a thousand words.

    @Shylaah ... well to be honest this is a metal Die-Cast AT-AT at approximately 8 cm high ... and as Klwl suggested being mass-produced ... to create what I have done would make this little AT-AT probably worth a ... drawing of a thousand words ha,ha,ha! Indeed you can hear them calling : 'Echo seven to Echo four ... over there at eleven o'clock ... prepare your harpoons!'

    @Klwl ... hear, hear ...
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    Pictures available again




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