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    This is coming together nicely,
    Looking forward a to seeing him painted up,

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    This is great. How did I miss this!

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    Thanks Hunter and intwenother ... it's such fun upgrading this Rancor ... just need to double check everything with my research pictures to see if I missed anything before painting :

    If you happen to see something that needs to be addressed please point it out to me ... being so up-close for this long it's easy to overlook the obvious ... even when right in front of me. Also I'm still wondering what to use for the metal manacle on his right arm ... I hoped to score a loose one from another Rancor ... but I guess I have to get creative ... yet again.

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    This is amazing! I Love it! I rarely see so much love for the rancor! This is coming out awesome!

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    Thanks Darth Voorhees ... it has been brought to my attention that perhaps I should add 2 more layers to the shoulder plating ... however towards the back there's another second plating on both shoulders already :

    . . . that said I'll see if I can alter it slightly, however the issue is there's an enormous ball-joint on the arm going into the body, therefore Hasbro choose to make those shoulder blades quite smaller ... and the arms have a swivel motion right under those plates so I can't add anymore magic sculpt without loosing that movement . . . it still has to remain a 'toy' Rancor not a static statue in just 1 pose . . . perhaps 1 more small layer is sufficient?

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    As was pointed out to me by member portland182 on therpf ... I did decide to alter the shoulder plates on both arms slightly :

    While I was doing this and checking my research pictures . . . I noticed something very odd :

    If you look closely at above picture . . . you'll see that between the arm and the body there's an extra piece of skin, this, alas, I can not and do not want to replicate, without compromising the movement of the shoulder joint. Then I noticed another thing even more peculiar when returning to my Rancor ... the breasts, or upper pecs so you will, were hanging significantly lower than what you see in this next research picture ... the neck ending directly onto the pecs :

    So this I had to alter ... hence also enlarging his round belly into a more muscled belly without adding refined abs ... for it's still a beast :

    Finally I returned back to some of the Rancor's teeth and altered them slightly to what I had seen on screen and worked a bit around the eyes :

    And here's a last shot of the Rancor's upgrades as of today :

    Now I have to see if I can get some clear shots of his backplating and decide whether or not it needs some touching up then I'll add some additional warts and bumps wherever I see fit, or do notice them on the pictures in my Rancor file, . . . . so I'll leave you with this final movie-frame to enjoy :

    . . . and ask you this question : should I give this beast a belly button, some nipples and slight hint of his gender . . . somewhere between his legs?
    Or has it been confirmed already that this particular Rancor was female? In which case a breast enlargement seems to be appropriate ... or whether this species is breeding and hatching from eggs, instead of being a warmblooded mammal?

    To be continued . . .

    Last edited by Sym-Cha; 09-21-2017 at 04:17 PM.

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    Looking good, as for gender and the naval, I'd say keep it androgynous with no belly button

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    Thanks Hunter ... sofar it's been great fun upgrading ... also you're the first to respond to my question ... so yeah I'll keep it like it is ... just hungry for ewok :

    To be continued . . .

    Last edited by Sym-Cha; 09-21-2017 at 04:17 PM.

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    Good call, Im looking forward to seeing you get some paint on him/her

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    Nice project.
    Looks spot on.

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    Thanks Turrican ... still need some touch ups before painting can commence.


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    Hey guys and girls,

    I have been able to by-pass the Photobucket issues by means of editing my posts here and adding : ~original between jpg and [IMG] in the Pb Code. Also I have been contemplating my life and the fact I lost both my parents last year and had to close the book on my parents home a place I grew up in and was used to visit over some 50 years. Seeing these pictures of my Rancor WIP ... I hope I'll be able to finish it sooner than later.

    Meanwhile enjoy my pictures again in this thread ... other threads may follow suit.




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