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    Fett helmet RF light kit

    Here is a vid of the circuit I designed and built in action. The board is about 1" by .5" and uses grain of rice bulbs.


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    Very nice. Are you well versed in electronics?...making circuits and such?
    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.

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    I have made a few circuits, and I am working on doing some stuff with arduino. I'm hoping to have a handful of different electronic circuits for costuming.

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    These are nice boards I grabbed one myself. Who did your helmet paintjob?

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    I think you did. It has your initials and says rogue studio #7 on the inside. I got it off a guy on TDH last year.

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    Did I send you one of these kits or the Asok kit I make, I don't remember.

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    Nice addition with the grain of wheat bulbs,
    Have you looked any further into making a screen accurate (I know its not seen on screen but you know what I mean) circuit board,

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    I know the IC chips and other components used in the actual board, but those are older parts and I'm not sure how to build the circuit to work the correct way. I know it's not accurate, but my kit is smaller and does exactly the same thing.

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    Of caused and the effect look great,
    I collected all the vintage components an have been looking for some one who can wire them is all,

    Any way not to hijack your thread any further,

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    No worries, I am eventually going to give it a try, but right now I have too many irons in the fire; another light kit with the GOW bulbs, a jet pack beacon light, and a wireless servo system.

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    I got the new boards today for my new kit designed for the new helmet FP came out with. I'm going to try to build a mock up when I get home from work. I will post how it turns out.

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    I finished the FPH2 light kit. If anyone wants to see it I can post the video here.
    If Lee builds an RF topper for a run of his lids, I will design a kit for that as well with the GOW bulbs and honeywell switch. Nudge nudge wink wink say no more. Sorry been on a Monty Python binge lately

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    Here is a vid of the jetpack beacon I made. I used an older version of my servo kit boards. I may offer it for sale, I haven't decided yet. There is a guy that sells aluminum beacons and light kits that do close to the same thing, so I'm not sure I want to step on his toes.

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    JC- I ordered a lid from animefan and a hollow stalk from Gavin. Do you make a light kit for that? Will still use the FP premium topper.....

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    Captainrichard, pm sent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC27 View Post
    Here is a vid of the jetpack beacon I made.
    Pretty darn cool. What's your background in electronics?

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    Beautiful work JC..... can't wait to install the pieces I've already gotten from you.

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    Here is a video of the beacon kit. Everything is contained within the enclosure excluding the LED that goes in the beacon.

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    These are nice. I've done some messing around with electronics...built a few guitar amps and effects pedals (hence my screen name ) I recently attempted miniaturizing something with a tilt switch for my son's bucket, but couldn't quite get it fitting right.



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