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    Robocop and BTTF 2 cars

    I was looking around the interwebs yesterday and saw that one of the Police Cars from BTTF 2 was found in the desert by my house.

    I did a little searching online, but couldn't find out much more info on it. Rumor has it that it was bought and restored a few years ago.
    However, I did find out that the guy who built them still has a shop not far from my house, so I stopped by there on my way home from work today and took a couple pics. I didn't want to intrude so I didn't talk to anyone.

    Yep, there are 2 shells sitting out in the lot being ravaged by the desert sun and wind.
    They are a far cry from what they are supposed to be:

    Not only that, He had the last remaining SUX 6000 from Robocop sitting there too.

    The guy is Gene Winfield, and he has done a tone of vehicles for movies. He's also a well respected Car customizer

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    omg that's awesome!!

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    Very cool! Works of art in their own right.

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    Very cool find! I am sure there are fans out there that would love to restore them.

    I love when folks find things like this. Very cool !!
    Lift your head up off the floor, come up screaming.

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    Gene made the Blade Runner cars as well. Glad those weren't rotting outside.

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    Yeah the blade runner cars are probably long since been trashed,
    Nice find,

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    a great deal has happened over the last 2 years.
    The BTTF Police car has been restored:

    and the Robocop 6000 SUX is also being restored:

    Im sorry that the pic is so dark, I didnt go in today and look around.
    I stopped by last summer and saw a few cars (Thats when I took the BTTF car pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banzai88 View Post
    Gene made the Blade Runner cars as well. Glad those weren't rotting outside.
    actually one of them is

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    That 6000 sux looks much better than before. How long is it, 18 feet?

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    I love that SUX.



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